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barchetové šaty, flanelové košile


Achieved success:

-         Awarding a certificate for quality by Textile trial institute in Brno hereby confirmation  of the material quality and manufacturing

-         More years fruitfully lasting collaboration with the mail order business trade „Magnet-Canif Ltd.. Pardubice

-         Meeting with the businessmen on the Government level – e.g. with the then Czech Prime Minister Miloš Zeman and the Prime Minister of the  Russian Federation Michail Michailjovič Kasjanov in  v Kaiserstein Palast in Prag

-         Meeting with the businessmen from Portugal in Brno and further invitations

-         Children pinafore fashion show in the Boby centre in Brno at the competition “The prettiest Girl “Crocodile Radio Cat”occasion

-         Excursion “With the full steam on Vltava”, what was the meeting of the authorised partners and to win the appreciation “Authorised partner of Magnet-Canif a.s.” for the year 2000 – 2001 where we have placed on the 21. Place from the range of 240 suppliers – the conditions of the competition were very strange, there were compliance of the delivery term and quality, turnovers and further standards to be acknowledged

-         One of the highest estimation and recognition of may work I have received on the 19th of September 2006 in the competition of the Economic News,  I became the  self employed women of the South Moravia District for the year 2006 and through this way I have managed among the 14 best self employed people of the whole Czech Republic

-         In the year2007 I was also among the final self employed people in the South Moravia District and 60 the best self employed people from the whole Czech Republic with the appreciation in Prag Palast Žofín

-         The Appreciation and Certificate of the Moravian karst I have won on  the 27.of March 2008 for our products Fustian clothes and the Classic straps aprons, what means the confirmation of the history and  origin to the district and that our products fulfil the criterion of  the environment

-         The visit of the Regional council president of the South Moravian district at the 1st of March 2008

-         We have started the project Time Changing – the first step – pilot program Time Changing in Aprons has taken place in the home for the elderly people under the auspice of the Regional Council president of the South Moravia Stanislav Juránek

-         The Appreciation and gaining of the 3thd place in the competition of the Economic news the self employed person in the South Moravian district in the year 2008 – at the 9th of September., 2007 Domov | Móda | Doprava | Ubytování | Nábytek | Zdraví
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